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5 Must-Know Strategies for Beating the Holiday Bulge!

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1. Don’t Skip A Meal! Skipping breakfast and lunch before your holiday feast will save calories and prevent you from gaining weight, right?! Wrong. First of all, getting fit is not simply calories in, calories out. A 700 calorie Big Mac is not the same as 700 calories in broccoli. Both these foods interact with […]

[pics!] Carrot-Ginger-Apple-Honey


This week my stomach has been a little weird so I decided to whip out my vitamix and make a concoction. I had just bought some ginger root at the store and decided it was time to use it. I rushed to my fridge to search for what other immune-fighting superfoods I could find.  This is […]

Mind Hacks to Getting in Shape


How many times have you said, “I’m going to workout every single day starting in next month” or “I am going to give up sugar after the new year.” We love to procrastinate when it comes to eating healthy because we feel like we will be better prepared sometime in the future. We rationalize that […]

How To Get Back On Track! [VIDEO]

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So this weekend I slipped up a little bit. Had some wine, my brother was in town so I ate at this amazing pizza place called Deweys with him, it was delicious. Then another night I had a bunch of multi-colored Goldfish with my friend Ruthie. So yea, wasn’t perfect this weekend but it’s all […]

5 (healthier) Ways to Get Your Drink on This Summer [VIDEO]

Heath(ier) Drinks

You don’t have to avoid drinking altogether if you are trying to get fit this summer. In fact, having fun is a huge part of being healthy and studies have shown there are “psychosocial” benefits to drinking. It helps you blow off steam by being more social, you can get your dance on, go on […]

How to Meal Prep! [VIDEO]

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Today I did one of my favorite things, meal prep! I love meal preppin’ because it makes my week worry free. I don’t constantly have to think about what I am going to eat next. It also saves a TON of time not having to cook or go out for every meal (not to mention […]

SLEEP Yourself SLIM: How Sleep Affects Weight


Ariana Huffington in her new book Thrive is a big proponent of women sleeping their way to the top. Not in the way you’re thinking about. Literally just getting enough sleep in order to be the happiest and most efficient person you can be. I’m a big fan of this advice, especially when it comes […]

5 things you can do NOW for FLAWLESS acne-free skin!


Guest Post: Kendra Perry is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist who specializes in helping people get to the root cause of their health problems, including acne. She is the owner of Crazy Happy Healthy where she blogs about her real food adventures and staying healthy in a crazy world. I have not always had beautiful skin. In […]

Eat FAT to get SLIM!


When I think of fatty foods, I think of some of my favorite indulgences like pepperoni pizza, salted caramel ice cream with extra fudge sauce and sprinkles, or beer-battered fries. It would make logical sense then, that if you’re trying to get fit, eating fat is the LAST thing you’d want to do.  Fat makes […]

The Peeing Dilemma: Get the 411 on Water & How Much You REALLY Need

Fitness beautiful woman drinking water and sweating after exercising on summer hot day in beach. Female athlete after workout

When I went to the University of Arizona I realized how precious water was. Because it was SO hot (like 105 degrees!) everyone was carrying around a HUGE water bottle. Before Arizona, I can’t remember ever carrying a water bottle around unless I was playing sports. I also was a fan of diet cokes. In […]

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